Hello world!

This is my first blog that is devoted to me and my views, beliefs and opinions. it will be like most blogs a little indulgent but I hope also an invitation to comment and discuss issues.

I am a designer, writer and sex worker and sex worker activists. I have been self employed all of my life and lucky enough to be able to work in professions that I enjoy.

I suppose that I have always been a little out of sync with the rest of society in that I have chose to work in professions that are creative or challenging to what society would perhaps consider either normal, honourable, reputable or a combination of all these.

With regards to sex work certainly I have raised a few eyebrows. But if I were forced tomorrow to give up one of my chosen careers sex work would probably be the one I would cling to.

People have such preconceived ideas about sex work and most of them do are not reflected reality. I enjoy sex true, most people do, but I also enjoy the excitement of meeting new people and reacting to their needs. I enjoy putting on an act and sex work is very much an act. When I become Chris the male whore I assume a persona that although a part of me is also someone else, perhaps someone more exciting, more adventurous, more daring and more unconventional.

I genuinely love being a whore. I have also met some really nice people, a few not so nice but then sex work is part of life and in life you meet some pretty weird people. The odd thing is that weird people outside of sex work are just weird while weird people in sex work are sometimes the best and the most fun.

Sex allows people to experiment and to step outside their safety zones and that for me is part of the excitement of being a sex worker. Helping people create and explore their fantasy. Seriously, I think every one at some point in their lives should sell sex or should buy sex. Forget all the crap you read about sex slaves and victims and abusers….in my world sex slaves are a fantasy that people pay good money to act. I think that I am, even if I say so myself a good master.

So Yes I am a whore and out an proud about my choice. I am also a designer (of womens clothes) which is another passion. I love being creative, always have and all three of my chosen professions require different degrees of and different levels of creativity. 

Yes I do write about my sex work. It is what most people are interested in. Sex sells after all. I also write horror and about feminism and gender and societal attitudes toward sex and gender. I increasingly use the term organic feminism which is a term and reference that I will develop over time, perhaps even into a book.


About Douglas Fox

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Asehpe says:

    Hey Mr Fox! I’m so glad to see you writing what you’re writing here: taking pride in who you are and what you do.

    I feel happy to see people standing for what they are, and showing that there is no harm and no shame in that. I’m not a whore, but know what? If I were, I’d be proud of it too.

    There’s a lot of social prejudice to overcome, plus the whole ‘rescue industry’ to deal with. It won’t go away easily, overnight. It’s going to take time, effort, steps forward and steps backward. We should be prepared for that.

    But in the end, standing for the right of individuals do be what they want as long as this causes no harm… that is important. I’m sometimes a pessimist and despair of seeing truth and right triumph… but in the end I’m sufficiently optimistic to wish people like you good luck.

    Good luck! And well done. 🙂

  2. Douglas Fox says:


    Thank you and well done for finding this blog. This is a project I started but have never found the time to continue….I will make the effort now.

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